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2 days ago

The War Dolls

Happy Sunday Funday, guys! Today's LGBTQIA+ creator is Kerri Bland Cosplay!

Kerri is a MS native and another member of Pine Belt Cosplay! She is a brilliant creator (can we just TALK about how creative she gets with her wigs?) as well as just a good bean overall. 10/10 recommend checking out her profiles to see the creative materials she uses in her construction.

Give her some love on her Facebook page above or head on over to her Insta here >> www.instagram.com/kerriblandcosplay/

First photo by Vicjerde on Insta. - Snek Oil 🐍

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3 days ago

The War Dolls

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend so far. Keeping on our LGBTQIA+ creators train, one of my LITERAL FAVORITE HOOMAN BEANS Amber AKA Washu89 on Instagram.

Amber, or as I call her "Dad," is just one of those people who pours compassion and love into everything they do. Including her cosplays. You can't tell me that she isn't Tony Stark, because I won't believe you.

A cosplayer and a friend who gives a lot of love to this community.

Give her a like on Instagram here >> www.instagram.com/washu89/

Also, peep QPenguin Cosplay Commissions as Newt! - Snek Oil 🐍

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4 days ago

The War Dolls

IT'S FINALLY FRIDAY. And let me tell you how excited I am about today's LGBTQIA+ creator feature Timeless-Anarchy!

I have been following them for probably a little over a year now and they are not only a talented creator, but SUPER supportive and I'm so grateful for them.

Wynter probably most known, at least to me, for their Marvel work, but don't let that fool you...they do it all.

Give them some love on Facebook or here on Instagram >> www.instagram.com/timeless_anarchy/

Photo credits in order: insta @jjmaccrimmon, @deviantpixelphotography

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D&D Weekly – Three Line Cultures

The mysterious men in the black vans had something Red needed to work on, so Seals of Dracholt was cancelled. Here’s some information about generating cultures instead.