Where to Find Your Ladybits

xenaxaspIt’s not at all easy to be a warrior princess in the forty first millennium these days. Some of the other eras are tough too, but today we’re looking at Warhammer 40k and it’s sad lack of female models where there should not be a lack. Tau, Eldar and the Imperium of Man are all composed of binary races (that still occupy their original bodies, Necron lovers) and have fluff that state that both races fight on the battlefield, but the miniature line doesn’t reflect that very well for some.

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Painting Contest!

Not a Deathwatch (or Space Marine) painter/owner, but this is something I think should be a regular thing. We should have lots and lots of entries! This would be an excellent project for anyone getting the DeathWatch game.

Running With Projects

20160618_160827I’ve had several projects on and off the back burner over the last year or so. Moving, finding jobs, buying a home and getting married all happened in the last year so unfortunately hobbies and grand schemes had to stand in line. They will hopefully see the light of day (in the form of this blog at the very least) at some point in the future.
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…and we’re back.

The New Thing
The New Digs

In December, GorkyMorkyGurl and I made the move south to the Gulf Coast. We love our new fortification and it’s proximity to the water, but there is one small change from our rental in Georgia; we no longer have a gigantic bonus room. When we moved in we found that the rental house had once had a garage that had been enclosed and it made a near perfect studio space. Spoiled, we ladies were, and though I wouldn’t trade this house for anything, we do miss being able to spread out with our hobbies.

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