Bay Area Open Coverage

It would appear there’s a new menace around the tournament scene – Conscripts!

Bay Area Open 2017 Top Lists & Pictures

Prop Maker Sarah Kaiser

Very excellent prop builder. This gal does some fascinating work!

Prop Making 101, with Sarah Kaiser – Part 1


Quick Review: 7 Days to Die (Alpha 16)

The 16th Alpha update for 7 Days to Die is out now and though I’ve only played this game for a little while, I have to say it’s a huge improvement so far and one that I was looking forward to greatly!

They’ve updated their far away Points of Interest models so that they show up outside of a certain point. Previously you would have to get fairly close to a building/PoI in order to see what was there. As seen in the photo here, there’s clearly a campsite on the hillside.


The 40k FAQ is up!

The first FAQs of 8th edition have been published!

I didn’t notice anything seriously game-changing in my initial perusal of the docs save for one little tidbit. Genestealer Cult – Purestrain Genestealers got 8 points cheaper. For a girl that runs 60 stealerbugs in her GSC army, that’s a pretty huge deal!

Warhammer 40,000 FAQ Now Available

11 Ways to Be a Better Roleplayer

This is a really great article with some good, if not vulgar advice.

11 ways to be a better roleplayer