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22 hours ago

The War Dolls

The DM Challenge is Sunday!

The very best Dungeon Masters on the Coast compete for The Belt and the Title of THE CHAMP!

And you get to be the Judges! So come play D&D with us Sunday afternoon.

The theme for DM Challenge VII is: UNDERDARK!!

All ages and experience ranges welcome! The DMs job is to adapt to all skill levels and players, so the more the merrier!

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5 days ago

The War Dolls

Hattiesburg people!Our next Pokemon League Cup is happening tomorrow at noon! Make those last minute adjustments and be here ready to compete tomorrow morning! ...

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How to DM Properly.

A friend of mine is embarking on her first crusade – running a D&D game and she has created a primer for her new players. It’s spectacular looking and I thought it needed sharing.