40k Release Day Tournament

Although the June 40k tournament that would have been run was originally scheduled later in the month, the store asked to move it to the release day of Warhammer 40k 8th Edition.

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[tabletop] – Exercise in Game Theory – Part 2

In my previous post, I was trying to break down tabletop skirmish combat into a few distinct styles. After some feedback from that post and from the lovely people over on the DakkaDakka forums (fairly certain not a one of them read the original post),  I’ve come up with a little something that I feel will work. I’ve stuck with the Attack vs. Defense types, but with a smidge of luck/fate involved.

And it will continue to evolve, I’m sure.


The Moment has Come!

War Dolls Shirts (and mugs and stickers and hoodies, oh my) are now available!! Ten percent of the monies go to the American Breast Cancer Foundation. SAVE THE TATAS!

Also you get a +1 to Awesome while wearing these (+2 for the hoodie). Any device or vehicle to which the sticker is affixed will drive 20 percent faster AND have the ‘indestructable’ tag for several minutes afterward.

[40k] – Unit Review : Ogryn

I have always been a fan of Ogryn, but when I was collecting Imperial Guard as a tertiary army (Eldar/Tyranids, Sisters were ahead of them) the individual Ogryn blister was pretty much cost prohibitive. Trading for them, as I was doing to obtain most of my Guard army, was virtually impossible as so few people had them or were willing to let them go. I believe that most other people were of the same opinion – that they were just too expensive for their relative usefulness.

[PC Game] – Quickie from Heroes & Generals

I’ve been playing Heroes & Generals (on the Russian side) off and on when I have some free time and occasionally I get a funny little photo out of it. Here is one where, during a three way battle, one of the US tankers joined our side and assisted in shelling the Germans!

US M26 Pershing is 2nd from the right.