The Moment has Come!

War Dolls Shirts (and mugs and stickers and hoodies, oh my) are now available!! Ten percent of the monies go to the American Breast Cancer Foundation. SAVE THE TATAS!

Also you get a +1 to Awesome while wearing these (+2 for the hoodie). Any device or vehicle to which the sticker is affixed will drive 20 percent faster AND have the ‘indestructable’ tag for several minutes afterward.

[40k] – Unit Review : Ogryn

I have always been a fan of Ogryn, but when I was collecting Imperial Guard as a tertiary army (Eldar/Tyranids, Sisters were ahead of them) the individual Ogryn blister was pretty much cost prohibitive. Trading for them, as I was doing to obtain most of my Guard army, was virtually impossible as so few people had them or were willing to let them go. I believe that most other people were of the same opinion – that they were just too expensive for their relative usefulness.

[PC Game] – Quickie from Heroes & Generals

I’ve been playing Heroes & Generals (on the Russian side) off and on when I have some free time and occasionally I get a funny little photo out of it. Here is one where, during a three way battle, one of the US tankers joined our side and assisted in shelling the Germans!

US M26 Pershing is 2nd from the right.

[tabletop] – Exercise in Game Theory

I’m trying to simmer down the basics of a RPG or Skirmish game combat to attack types and defense types. I’d love some feedback on what I’ve come up with, please.

I did consider cover as one of the defense types, but you can use most of these in addition to cover, so I didn’t list it here.


[video games] Surviving the Survival Hunt

2016-02-02_00001The Warboss/GorkyMorkyGurl and I have some rather different tastes in video games all the way down to platform. She was a long time console gamer and I was primarily PC. We did find common ground with Borderlands 2. I’ve played it before with my old roommates and she found it adorable. We’ve tried a few different games sinceand eventually wound up finding our way to Just Cause 2 Multiplayer Mod. Since the JC games aren’t made for multiplayer it had to be modded, and if you’ve played it, then you know it’s woefully buggy. We played on a couple of different servers and that helped us identify what we liked most. (more…)