Lord of Contagion

Because she wanted to, Red painted a Lord of a Contagion model from the new Dark Imperium box for a friend at the local gaming store.

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Bay Area Open Coverage

It would appear there’s a new menace around the tournament scene – Conscripts!

Bay Area Open 2017 Top Lists & Pictures

First 8th Edition Tournament

Red and her husband took a step back from being tournament organizer types this month and both ran lists in the 1850 point Warhammer 40k 8th Edition Tournament hosted by their FLGS.


Prop Maker Sarah Kaiser

Very excellent prop builder. This gal does some fascinating work!

Prop Making 101, with Sarah Kaiser – Part 1


New Blood Angels Painting

After having gotten stuck with little motivation while working on my Skathach, Yriel really gave me inspiration to keep working on HQ models, which led me to painting two Blood Angels for my husband – Lemartes and Dante.