Lost Seals of Dracholt 2 – North

The Dracholt party continues to travel north, encountering a small town and an angry preacher.

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Lord of Contagion

Because she wanted to, Red painted a Lord of a Contagion model from the new Dark Imperium box for a friend at the local gaming store.

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Seals of Dracholt 1 – The Beginning

Red runs the first session of her D&D campaign, introducing characters to her story and her main quest-giver, Dracholt Court Mage Alpharius Marcon.


Teaming Up – Halo: Reach

Although I have never played the Halo games in the past, my husband is an avid fan and put together a bit of a party with a few of our friends during which we went through Halo: Reach in entirity – switching off between people as we died.

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D&D Sky Pirates 13 – The End

The D&D Sky Pirates campaign comes to an official close.

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