Halloween 40k Tournament

Red and her husband ran a silly 40k tournament for Halloween complete with thematic missions and candy instead of points.


Lost Seals of Dracholt 12 – Merrow

The Dracholt party is in for a nasty surprise as they are rowing from the anchored Trumpeter to the Everwinter docks.


40k Battle Report – Ynnari v Imperial Guard

Red and an IG player, who was using the new codex rules, ran a small 1000 point game.


Women and Hobby Representation

I don’t think I could have written it much better myself. This is what the War Dolls is all about!

Proper Female Hobby Representation: Editorial

Lost Seals of Dracholt 11 – Trumpeter

The Dracholt party finds the person that brought the mysterious floating wood to the city.