[tabletop] – Exercise in Game Theory – Part 2

In my previous post, I was trying to break down tabletop skirmish combat into a few distinct styles. After some feedback from that post and from the lovely people over on the DakkaDakka forums (fairly certain not a one of them read the original post),  I’ve come up with a little something that I feel will work. I’ve stuck with the Attack vs. Defense types, but with a smidge of luck/fate involved.

And it will continue to evolve, I’m sure.

Attack Types (shooting):
Standard – This is your standard ‘stance’ type firing, be it burst or quick firing.
Aim – This is careful aiming through a scope or having targets called for you.
Suppression – This is wild, from-the-hip shooting. Shooting for effect rather than damage.

Example Combat ‘Grid’

Defense Types:
Absorb – Counting on armor or sheer toughness to absorb the damage.
Deflect – Using a shield, body or ninja/energy blades to keep bullets from hitting.
Evade – Simply not being there. Moving fast, using coverage to not get hit.

 As displayed in the example, each defense type gets a bonus roll against one of the attack types. This isn’t always how the numbers will be dispersed though, each will have the possibility of the numbers changing slightly in order to reflect the fluidity of combat and the battlefield. Factions will further still have those numbers changed to reflect the specialties of each specific faction.

Cover, Movement, Range and other combat environmental effects will be taken into account in a mechanic I’m calling “Upper Hand” which will be advantageous with the aforementioned “Luck” happenings.

I’m still steadily moving forward on this and enjoying it immensely.

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