Tabaxi Commission

A friend pointed a couple that wanted their custom D&D miniatures painted to Red for a commission.

I rarely paint models for a fee, and I have never really charged for my work before. Everything has been in repayment for a favor or because I wanted to do something nice, so when I got asked how much to paint a duo of custom Dungeons and Dragons Tabaxi (cat people) models, I was more drawn by my want to actually paint the models than payment. It ended up as a bit of a favor for the two since I probably put in twice the amount of time I should have.

The models were 3D printed, so there were a number of imperfections that messed up the flow in some places (the Calico’s tail is the worst spot). I also relegated my focus to very specific parts of the models, generally fur and faces, but I still had very little time.

Overall, they were fun to paint, but I am definately not a commission painter. I found my motivation flagging quite severely, so I am going to stick with my own models (and my husband’s) for now – for a while, at least.

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