Shoot for the Moon

I found this short bit on an old forum where I ran my first campaign. I had forgotten that I’d written it. Enjoy!

With a deafening roar, belching flame and smoke and trailing nuts, slivers of crystal and grots, the massive rocket slowly but surely climbed into the atmosphere, building speed until it disappeared from sight. Orks stood about with faces pointed skyward until some git got bored and punched his neighbor in the throat.

Some hours later, the Warboss peered through the viewfinder on the Mekboy’s Telly-scope at the distant planet it was pointed towards.

“Dere’s no boom.” said the Warboss, looking up from the eyepiece.

“Just wait…” Said the mekboy, grinning with rusty teeth.

the Warboss bent back to the little lens, grumbling, “All dem months o’ building, dere better be a wonkin’ big boom…”

Several million miles later, a small green planet hurtled through space, doing what planets do. Countless creatures went about their normal routine on the surface, obvlivious of the doom that burned it’s way towards their home in silent fury.

The rocket plowed it’s way into the atmosphere of the little green planet. The thunderous sound of it’s arrival made up for the silence of it’s approach. The rocket began to break up as it barrelled towards the surface, the shock of the atmospheric entry having done tremendous damage. Bit by bit, makeshift systems failed, until a crude forcefield collapsed allowing the massive star ship reactor powering the rocket to suffer a catastrophic chain reaction.

The Warboss awoke with a start, and came out of his ramshackle hut. Scratching himself, he eyed boyz standing about warily, wondering who woke him when he noticed the dying rumble of thunder. He was about to give them a ‘what for’ when the Mekboy came running up. “Come an’ look” was all he could manage before running off.

The Mekboy was standing beside his Telly-scope capering, pointing and saying “Lookit!” gleefully. The Warboss bent and warily peered again into the heavens.

The little planet no longer did what little planets do. It now bled. It’s mineral rich insides now followed behind it, blown outward from the enormous fissure now in it’s surface. Most of it’s atmosphere had been blown away by the shockwave. More still was burned away by the initial blast. The rest was still on fire, consuming the remainder of the greenery and boiling away the waters on the other side of the planet. Earthquakes ravaged the dying planet, exposing yet more of the planets insides. Dorphand began it’s slow, shuddering death.

The Warboss straightened from the viewfinder. Miffed that he missed the big boom he turned on the Mekboy. “Can you make anudder one?”

The Mekboy grinned an evil, rusty grin. “Oh yeah. I tink so.” He turned and kicked an unsuspecting grot. “Go and tell ‘dem to bring down de other haf of the hulk. We gots work ta do!”

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