I’ll Get You Yet, Nurgle!

I may be a newcomer to the gaming community, but I have been overwhelmed by how accepting and welcoming everyone is. I have learned a lot of different games from Magic to Warhammer to Pathfinder, and have loved every minute of it. (By the way, don’t let my inexperience fool you – I learn quickly.)

My latest endeavor has been a campaign for Warhammer 40k. I’m currently running Battle Sisters, but I am in the process of switching to Tau. Close combat scares the crap out of me, so my basic strategy is kill everything in sight before it can get across the board and in close-combat range of my army, which I hear is the way of the Tau. (Plus, I think the Tau will look great in the hot pink and black color scheme I have in mind for their armor.)

Not going to lie – the shoot-first-ask-questions-later method has been really effective thus far considering my squad consists of a flamer, a heavy flamer, my Canoness and her plasma pistol, and 16 more battle sisters. I also run an immolator that boasts twin-linked heavy flamers and a dozer blade, but the weapon gets destroyed pretty quickly once it’s on the board. However, there is a lone traumatized Nurgle running around somewhere that must still be having nightmares about the Battle Sisters’ Immolator that scattered and then ran down all his friends. I may not be able to shoot you, but getting run over by a transporter will certainly do the trick. *squish*

To be perfectly honest, I’m not thrilled with the Nurgle army rules. The term I’ve heard summarizing my feelings towards them and their new codex is “cheese.” The word that I’ve used is “obnoxious.” Regardless of which word you want to use, I have deemed it my mission to destroy all Nurgle I come across, simply because they are all cheese – and not the tasty kind.

But I digress. I won my last two 40k campaign games which has allowed me to add a Retributor Squad to my point list. Two multi-meltas, two heavy bolters, and a Sister Superior carrying a plasma pistol and melta bombs? Yeah, those Nurgle should be running scared when they see my army coming.

Love and +3 Inv Saves!
– Beth

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