So, like some of you out there I have more than a few armies worth of miniatures.  And like a few more of you that will be an understatement 😉

With the addition of allies in 6th edition, there is now a whole new component available to list building- for some its an exercise in min/max cheese-fest TFG neck beard approved competitive optimization.  For others its going to be a reason to get to use models that might not otherwise get much play time.

Theres going to be some really commonly ‘exploited’ ally combos within the competitive crowd- so far its mostly been Night scythes(they dont score anyways so who cares about Allies of Convenience?)  Space wolves with 2 rune priests and grey hunters(still dont think SW should be legal to double up HQs when allies),  Farseer with some rangers or jet bikes,  IG for a swarm of bodies, Vendettas and a Primaris.  Basically people are allying with whatever spams the most fliers or psykers.

So, as things are now, the Imperial armies once again get numerous options and the Xenos are a distant second thought.

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