Tyranids in 6th ed Tournaments

Just wanted to talk about a tournament I went to this weekend, in which I did far better than I had thought I would.

Game 1- vs Necrons with wraithstar, 3 fliers and annihilation barges, immortals in 2 of fliers, and 2 destroyer lords. I won by 3 victory points

Game 2- vs Necrons with 2 destroyer lords, scarabs, 4 spiders, and 4 fliers full of immortals. This list destroyed me the whole game, it was a really tough game

Game 3- vs drop pod space wolf list, and a landraider. He ended up getting 1 victory point to my 8, I kind of felt bad, because once I took out njal, my psychic shriek spam just ripped him to shreds.

Game 4- vs my friend’s necron list, 3 ghost arks with 9 warriors in each, 3 annihilation barges, 2 wraithstars with destroyer lords each, and one squad tesla immortals. In the beginning I was doing fine, then the last two turns it turned around and the necrons just ripped me apart. I ended up getting 0 victory points to his 8, it was rough, fun game still, but rough. This friend of mine, I have always had trouble taking on this list, so its one of those hurdles I hope to overcome some day.

Game 5- vs Tau with space wolf allies, 2 hammer heads, shaso squad, 2 broadsides, crisis suit squad, 3 squads firewarriors 1 devilfish, 2 rhinos with greyguard (one mark of the wolfen) and a rune priest with JoWW. This one was back and fourth the whole time, and we ended up tying the game 5 to 5. The whole game we were just going back and fourth really hurting each other, was a really fun and intense game.

My list: Flyrant with 2 TL devourers, Troop tervigon with adrenals and toxins, 10 devilgants, 20 toxin hormies, 2 squads 3 warriors with deathspitters and a barbed strangler, doom in a pod (MVP hands down), 3 zoeys in a pod (ran shriek the whole time), 3 hive guard, dakkafex, trygon with adrenals

Overall I did fairly well, better than I thought I would have, and got 22 out of 35 in the listings. Not amazing no, but considering how people think of tyranids these days I think I did rather well. I really did very well in 2 games, had a fun but even game, then 2 really bad ones. I had a lot of fun though and it was a great tournament. I wanna tweak my list to make it better for future ones, and will probably change up deployments a bit.

Has anyone else had experience with tournaments and bugs in 6th?


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