Motivation is a fickle fickle Mistress, really hard to pin down, and it has always been my major issue when it comes to painting.  I don’t really ever like doing anything alone, and painting is no exception, so sometimes when no one is here to paint with me, motivation to paint is very difficult for me.

Well my big motivator of late is that on October 20-21 there is a big tournament, grand tournament, going on in my area.  The tourney requires tournament level painting (which my scheme covers hands down), but the trick is painting all of my bugs.  I mean I buttered my bread by picking a horde list tyranid when I started playing but OMG do I have a lot of bugs.

List of shtuff I need to paint:

8 Hormagants
30 Fleshborer Termagants (maybe another 10 on top of that, not sure)
10 Devourer Termagants
6 Tyranid Warriors
Weapon arms for various Monstrous Creatures
                 4 Sets Twin Linked MC Devourers
                 1 Set Scything Talons
Doom of Malan’tai (finish sculpting the brain)
3 Hive Guard
2 Mycetic Spores

List of Shtuff I have finished:

Hive Tyrant, with Wings
3 Zoanthropes


-Rachel (aka ERW)

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