My First 500 Pts – Meet My Tau

So I have been really terrible about getting my posts up on Sundays for the past couple of weeks. (In all fairness, yesterday was Mother’s Day and I did nothing but play the Sims and have a painting party with my man.)

What did you paint at your painting party you ask? Oh I’ll tell you.

I finally put some money into my Tau. I’ve got my cadre fireblade, hammerhead, and a regular fire warrior just about finished. The first fire warrior definitely took me like three hours, and I’m still not finished. (*womp womp*) Actually he came out pretty nicely for my first dude I think.

fire warrior 2fire warrior









The hammerhead is especially pretty I think. I’ve been watching Rickey paint his Grey Knights and he taught me how to get the mud on the bottom, put the transfers on, etc. So when I finally got to my own vehicle I was able to apply those techniques quite successfully if I do say so myself. ( I even translated all the little Tau words on the transfer sheet – the one above the window on the right translates to ‘Powerful Victory’. Hell yeah.)

powerful victory(Powerful Victory ^^) hammerhead top hammerhead back

One of the coolest features of my hammerhead are the seeker missiles. I can only have a max of two and they can only be used once per game – so they’re magnetized to pull them off when I use them! I was a little nervous about drilling into the ship though, so I enlisted so help for that part… thanks babe!


My cadre fireblade came out especially well, although he’s not quite finished either. I’m really liking the pink and white beads in his ponytail. 😉


Yup, they may not hide well in the woods – but they don’t need to. You’ll be dead before you can get across the field to assault them.

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