‘Ard Boyz Semi Finals here I come.

So I decided to play in the ‘Ard Boyz Tournament, my first tournament ever. It was free entry, and local, so why not.

I made a few lists, and did not really test any of them, but decided on 2500 points of Eldar on foot.

Avatar, Eldrad Seer Council of like 7 Warlocks, 50 Guardians, 10 of them Stormies, 10 Wraithguard, 10 Harlequins, 10 Scorpions, 5 Swooping Hawks, 6 War Walkers, and a Wraithlord.

8 players attended, and we got matched up. My first opponent was playing some sort of Space Marines with a lot of flamers and melta. Go Avatar! I deployed first, and he had a cigarette while I was setting up my massive amount of infantry. When he got back, he looked at it all, and said he needed to go, family emergency, packed up and left.

Damnit, I was looking forward to kicking his ass. I was given a win though, minor victory points. If we had played, I could have gotten much better. Oh well

Next game vs a veteran Dark Eldar player that I always wanted to play, but our schedules conflicted. So 5 objectives, spearhead, I went first again, and on that round, a stray Missile from a Guardian squad makes its way through some trees, across the board, and wrecks one of his Raider gunships. in the course, I managed to destroy all 3 of them (secondary objective) but we tied on objectives. I made a mistake on my turn 4, not looking at the clock, and not moving to cover a second objective. Draw + some.

3rd game vs Tyranids, victory points, Kill the captain, and kill all the fast attack. Dawn of War. I don’t deploy anything. man was that guy slow, so after what felt like a very long game, I managed to kill his “captain” and a LOT of those little buggers he kept making. Didn’t get his fast attack, he didnt get mine either, and Eldrad was of course still alive and well. Calculating up all the points, I got another minor victory(100 points shy of Major), plus the extras for killing the captain.

End Result

Sisters of Battle placed 1st, I placed 2nd, Dark Eldar placed 3rd

As a reward, I got $40 of stuff, so I got 2 boxes of Daemonettes. They look badass.

Sept 17th, we head to Tualatin Oregon to play in the Semis.

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