Along Came a Spider

Just thought I would come and and introduce myself, I am Emerald Rose Widow, or you can call me Rachel as well if you like.  Was brought into this little endeavor by Hurricanegirl who I met online through my friend Jenn sometime earlier this year.  She has introduced me to many awesome things in wargaming and has become somewhat of a mentor for me.  So I am glad to be brought in and a part of something with her like this.

I am a gamer, plain and simple, though these days I focus more on the tabletop.  DND (mostly play pathfinder though), Warhammer, Magic the Gathering, I am a general gaming nerd to be completely honest, and carry my dice around in my purse.  I am a total dork and loving it, though my experience in Warhammer and the like is rather new, as I only started playing in January, but so far am loving it.  I have my own gaming blog to talk about my own armies, but will also be contributing to hear all my experience that I may have, neat ideas, and funny stories and the like.  I just want to have fun, get to know, and just hang out with my fellow girl gamers, and I am glad to be here.

So here I shall be and I hope to get to know you all and be great friends, cause girl gamer friends are teh awesome.

-thumbs up and then runs off into the distance in a blurr of frills and petticoats-

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