Minecraft time.

Minecraft is my guilty pleasure, and I do enjoy multiplayer games. It’s often difficult to find a Minecraft server that has all the elements of a good time. Some of the things I look for are a competent staff and mature other players. Nothing can ruin a good experience like some yahoo running up and randomly setting fire to everything because he or she feels like that’s a good time.  

I’ve played on servers like this twice in the past. Once on one with a great group of people and after that one went down, opened my own for a brief time. Finding a rare gem like these (if I may be so bold as to call my own server a gem) is refreshing indeed. I hate to play the age card, but generally you do see a lot of younger players who would rather destroy and make everyone uncomfortable than co-exist (semi) peacefully with others.

I’ve seemingly found that again at the Imperium. It’s a ‘Vanilla’ server with just enough add-ins to make everything nice and accessible. The world(s) are huge, too! If there’s any complaint I could make it’s that there’s a lot of walking involved sometimes. Yup, I said ‘worlds’. There are 2 main worlds – The City world and the Wilderness world (The End and Nether are a given I think). At first I thought it was an odd and frustrating setup, but when a server update rolls around it’ll be wonderful! The Wilderness can be reset to reflect updated block and resource changes in MC versions whereas the City will stay static so that your primary home and resource storage don’t disappear.

So come move in to a great little server, there’s plenty of room in my neighborhood, and you already have a great neighbor! You can go apply for whitelisting here. Tell ’em Elorrah sent you!

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