…and we’re back.

The New Thing

The New Digs

In December, GorkyMorkyGurl and I made the move south to the Gulf Coast. We love our new fortification and it’s proximity to the water, but there is one small change from our rental in Georgia; we no longer have a gigantic bonus room. When we moved in we found that the rental house had once had a garage that had been enclosed and it made a near perfect studio space. Spoiled, we ladies were, and though I wouldn’t trade this house for anything, we do miss being able to spread out with our hobbies.


Actual Finished Product

So as of right now, we’ve found a way to make room in our office for some painting goodness. Organization is still forming up, but for now it’s working. I’ve pulled out one of the lists I was working on before things got crazy last year and throu
gh trades and retail therapy I have finally obtained the ‘buckets’ for my “Buckets of Bitches” list. I’ve always loved my Howling Banshees, and now I have plenty of them to field (and they’re already painted!!). Speaking of which, I need to make sure to take more photos of my Eldar. I’ve got tons of WiP photos, but not many of finished product, and there’s been a lot of changes to my army since the new codex and models.

I’ve yet to get out and make dice with the locals in our new location, but we’ve found two nearby gaming stores and visited them both. Things are definitely looking up. Anyone who has followed this blog (or knows me IRL) knows that I don’t play unpainted minis (re: the Space Wolf dream) so once I get my acrylic together, this farseer will be ready to mingle with the humans.

I was also thinking that I might wait a little while and see if we were going to be able to make the trip back to Georgia for Warzone: Atlanta this year since it’s too early to determine if we’d be able to go for that and visiting in November. That unfortunately is not going to be the case, as all 100 tickets sold in 24 hours!! As much as I’d like to go play, I’m really happy for those guys for having a successful 2nd year already!

That’s it for now. Photos will be incoming as well as some more articles I’ve a mind to type out.

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