It’s in my potentia coil.

I totally forgot to blog here yesterday, but thanks to the magic of WordPress I can totally just set the date of this post to yesterday and none of you will ever know, mua-ha-ha-ha!

Well, except that I just told you, but whatevs.

So anyway, let’s lay out the litany of excuses that have kept me from posting on time:

Flavor of the Month

I think every gamer nerd, regardless of gender, is familiar with the cycles of games. What was killer cheeseball one edition gets hit with the nerfbat in the next, all in the name of “balance” (and really, in the name of profit, because nothing ever actually┬ábalances except the gamemakers’ checkbooks when you spend more money to buy whatever’ll keep you winning.) We’ve talked a little on this blog before about making themey lists instead of cheesy lists, making characters instead of powergaming, that sort of thing… the idea that some armies/classes/specs/colors/whatever are more powerful than others is pretty standard, right?

I got into 40k about…oh… early 2004? Something like that. And I didn’t really build my own army until the Witch Hunters codex came out in that summer, and I became a decent player during that fall after the 4th edition rulebook came out. I was a newbie to the geek world at the time, and although I understood that some armies were cheesier than others (or beardier…do people still say beardy? We used to say beardy.) I didn’t understand that this could change at the drop of a hat. A combination of MtG, WoW, 40k, and D&D taught me this.


First 6th ed win! (40K)

Played a learning game with another new person. Despite me trying to assist him with placement (Do you REALLY want to put Sicarius there?, You should shoot that at this, etc) I still managed to pull a win.

Star of the show (other than me) was the Mace swinging Party Prince Cacophonus. He’ll be signing autographs in the lobby.

Daemon Prince, Black Mace, Wings, of Slannesh, Psy level 1 (Primaris power), Power Armor.

So hanging out in the back, the Prince was surprised to find a drop pod plummeting to earth (despite my discouraging such actions, as I KNEW what the response would be). The Sternguard and Sicarius hopped out and flung Vengance rounds all over creation. The prince hopped over the Predator, charged in and pointed at Sicarius while roaring an incoherent challenge. Sicarius, hesitant, drew his sword, readying his deadliest strike but was immediately smashed repeatedly in the skull before he knew what was going on. The Daemon contained in the mace, tasting blood immediately drew in his life force and the life force of a nearby Terminator marine. Cacophonus smashed a few Sternguard heads in and then the remaining Terminators rushed in, but the sergeant leapt to the forefront. The Prince called him out too, and split open the ancient Terminator armor as if it were paper. The marine’s blood sprayed everywhere. Again the Daemon within shifted within the warp, and the remaining two Terminators fell over dead. Meanwhile the remaining Sternguard were stomped to death by an angry Helbrute.

So I say the Prince + Mace is a VERY awesome combo. Granted my learner didn’t understand what the implications of placing his drop pod there were, but I did offer him to pick it up and advise him it would be very bad. He insisted and I got a full on test of the Black (mace) Prince. Ever the gambler am I, and betting on the long odds won me a battlefield of empty Termie armor and all I had to do was challenge two champions.

Sadly Lucius has yet to make combat in any of my games thusfar. I think I’m playing him too far afield? The vehicle rules have me a little scared to rush in. Next time, Lucius, next time.