40k – Sisters Project continues.

Doll by A6A7 on DeviantArt

The Sisters Project has been back in swing for a few weeks now and chugging along hard core. I have set a goal to have a 2K point force ready for the Atlanta Series Feb 24th tournament.

I’ve played in the last two events and done fair enough all things considered. Favorite Opponent in the first and (tied for) Best Painted in the second. I played my Chaos Marines the first tourney as the new codex had just come out and rushed to paint them all. In the second tournament I switched to my Eldar for reasons and since they were 95% painted it didn’t take much to finish them. Sadly, I don’t think I got any photos of them. You’ll have to be appeased with some beautiful art I found in the intertubes.

I’m not sure what prompted me to switch to Sisters. It could be that I lost my face with the Eldar. Two very bad losses in the first two rounds, a scraped by win in the last round. The Chaos irked me in that my Slannesh army is very close combat oriented and I’m miffed by the 2D6 charge range. I like it, but failing two charges in a row with Lucius is enough to burn anyone. It could also be that I didn’t have any allies with either army. I own 6 armies and none of them want to co-operate with one another as Battle Brethren. Except Sisters and Guard, neither of which are in any semblance of being table ready (and for me that means “painted”).

Sisters had been started, and I’ve been wanting to play them, so off I go. I built a list that looks pretty good so far, with Guard allies. I picked a veteran squad for lack of figures needing painting and also, I’m running both (Sisters with a Vet ally) in my current 40k campaign as well. Double purpose wins!!

Setting myself a deadline and repurposing a minis carrier as a small painting station, I’ve been able to paint figures at work when it’s slow later at night and can turn out 5-7 figures a night. Hopefully by this weekend I’ll have them all done and can turn my eye to the vehicles. Vehicles are fast and easy (and mostly painted already).

The toughest part right now is that my bases aren’t even started. I was considering getting Secret Weapon’s Trench bases, but they seem to be out of production (I can’t find them on the web) and the LGS only has 30.  These seem to be the closest I can find to a ‘mud and muck’ base. I need 52 so I’m looking at $60 in expense. For that I could make and duplicate my own, but that takes time and that is the issue.

No matter what, this is the part I live for. I love this part of the hobby. <3

Flyer Wave in March Rumours

So rumour has it that in March we are getting a few new fliers, and I am really looking forward to this as my army seems to be getting one.  So here is the list:

Some new thing for them, meant as an anti-flier I have heard

Dark Eldar:
All rumours point to the voidraven

Something totally new, which I am totally excited for.

There are two schools of though on this one.
1) There is only going to be a single model kit, the Harpy
2) There is going to be a dual kit, the harpy, and something else that will be antiflier.

There is also a lot of hope that the harpy will get a rules update so it doesn’t suck so hard.  To be honest, even if the rules didn’t change and I was stuck with the sucky harpy, dont care.  I want that kit, its a unit I have wanted to have a model for and play around with it for fun.  So I am super hoping it will be a dual kit, but I will be happy either way.  Also will be cool to get my brother a flier for his eldar, which are starting to look really good.  Red Dire Avengers, who knew?


So, like some of you out there I have more than a few armies worth of miniatures.  And like a few more of you that will be an understatement 😉

With the addition of allies in 6th edition, there is now a whole new component available to list building- for some its an exercise in min/max cheese-fest TFG neck beard approved competitive optimization.  For others its going to be a reason to get to use models that might not otherwise get much play time.

Theres going to be some really commonly ‘exploited’ ally combos within the competitive crowd- so far its mostly been Night scythes(they dont score anyways so who cares about Allies of Convenience?)  Space wolves with 2 rune priests and grey hunters(still dont think SW should be legal to double up HQs when allies),  Farseer with some rangers or jet bikes,  IG for a swarm of bodies, Vendettas and a Primaris.  Basically people are allying with whatever spams the most fliers or psykers.

So, as things are now, the Imperial armies once again get numerous options and the Xenos are a distant second thought.

Tyranids in 6th ed Tournaments

Just wanted to talk about a tournament I went to this weekend, in which I did far better than I had thought I would.

Game 1- vs Necrons with wraithstar, 3 fliers and annihilation barges, immortals in 2 of fliers, and 2 destroyer lords. I won by 3 victory points

Game 2- vs Necrons with 2 destroyer lords, scarabs, 4 spiders, and 4 fliers full of immortals. This list destroyed me the whole game, it was a really tough game

Game 3- vs drop pod space wolf list, and a landraider. He ended up getting 1 victory point to my 8, I kind of felt bad, because once I took out njal, my psychic shriek spam just ripped him to shreds.

Game 4- vs my friend’s necron list, 3 ghost arks with 9 warriors in each, 3 annihilation barges, 2 wraithstars with destroyer lords each, and one squad tesla immortals. In the beginning I was doing fine, then the last two turns it turned around and the necrons just ripped me apart. I ended up getting 0 victory points to his 8, it was rough, fun game still, but rough. This friend of mine, I have always had trouble taking on this list, so its one of those hurdles I hope to overcome some day.

Game 5- vs Tau with space wolf allies, 2 hammer heads, shaso squad, 2 broadsides, crisis suit squad, 3 squads firewarriors 1 devilfish, 2 rhinos with greyguard (one mark of the wolfen) and a rune priest with JoWW. This one was back and fourth the whole time, and we ended up tying the game 5 to 5. The whole game we were just going back and fourth really hurting each other, was a really fun and intense game.

My list: Flyrant with 2 TL devourers, Troop tervigon with adrenals and toxins, 10 devilgants, 20 toxin hormies, 2 squads 3 warriors with deathspitters and a barbed strangler, doom in a pod (MVP hands down), 3 zoeys in a pod (ran shriek the whole time), 3 hive guard, dakkafex, trygon with adrenals

Overall I did fairly well, better than I thought I would have, and got 22 out of 35 in the listings. Not amazing no, but considering how people think of tyranids these days I think I did rather well. I really did very well in 2 games, had a fun but even game, then 2 really bad ones. I had a lot of fun though and it was a great tournament. I wanna tweak my list to make it better for future ones, and will probably change up deployments a bit.

Has anyone else had experience with tournaments and bugs in 6th?


First 6th ed win! (40K)

Played a learning game with another new person. Despite me trying to assist him with placement (Do you REALLY want to put Sicarius there?, You should shoot that at this, etc) I still managed to pull a win.

Star of the show (other than me) was the Mace swinging Party Prince Cacophonus. He’ll be signing autographs in the lobby.

Daemon Prince, Black Mace, Wings, of Slannesh, Psy level 1 (Primaris power), Power Armor.

So hanging out in the back, the Prince was surprised to find a drop pod plummeting to earth (despite my discouraging such actions, as I KNEW what the response would be). The Sternguard and Sicarius hopped out and flung Vengance rounds all over creation. The prince hopped over the Predator, charged in and pointed at Sicarius while roaring an incoherent challenge. Sicarius, hesitant, drew his sword, readying his deadliest strike but was immediately smashed repeatedly in the skull before he knew what was going on. The Daemon contained in the mace, tasting blood immediately drew in his life force and the life force of a nearby Terminator marine. Cacophonus smashed a few Sternguard heads in and then the remaining Terminators rushed in, but the sergeant leapt to the forefront. The Prince called him out too, and split open the ancient Terminator armor as if it were paper. The marine’s blood sprayed everywhere. Again the Daemon within shifted within the warp, and the remaining two Terminators fell over dead. Meanwhile the remaining Sternguard were stomped to death by an angry Helbrute.

So I say the Prince + Mace is a VERY awesome combo. Granted my learner didn’t understand what the implications of placing his drop pod there were, but I did offer him to pick it up and advise him it would be very bad. He insisted and I got a full on test of the Black (mace) Prince. Ever the gambler am I, and betting on the long odds won me a battlefield of empty Termie armor and all I had to do was challenge two champions.

Sadly Lucius has yet to make combat in any of my games thusfar. I think I’m playing him too far afield? The vehicle rules have me a little scared to rush in. Next time, Lucius, next time.