Oh where does time fly…

Okay.. so Seraph has been a little busy as of late.. maybe its been working, taking care of the kid, cleaning house, or just gaming ether way life has been full!

I guess i can start out the post that i am writing with a really good artical that i have been reading on stat city games. http://www.starcitygames.com/magic/misc/22786_To_My_Someday_Daughter.html .
The hubby showed me it and its really a good artical <_< ;. Anywho... so i have been playing a bit more wow then i would like to admit.. been spending a lot of moneys on magic cardies, and got a new tank for my turtles! This weekend is the prerelise of the new magic set ^_^ innistrad. I am already signed up for the tourie and we will see how i do! heh prob not too great. i hate making decks on the fly. Anyone who plays xbox right now will prob glare at me.. but i really have not been looking forward to the day that GOW3 came out ~_~ those that know me will know why. blarg On wow right now its brewfeast!!!!!!! though the game is starting to feel repeditive again and i am wishing i knew of something else to do. if the mud i play on was more populated i would be spending more time on there…. but the legends of krynn just seems like more often then not only immortals are on there and it gets really dull! Anywho… this little tech girl has some stuffs she has to do before her 10.5 hour shift tomorrow. Ja Ne!

Citadel Finecast

Citadel Finecast Review
I know I’m a bit behind the game here, but I have been really lazy and just now have finally gotten around to writing my review on the citadel finecast. Games Workshop released finecast in May of this year, and it has taken some time for me to get around to giving a proper review about it. I will say that I cannot compare the Resin models to the Metal models, seeing as I got into this hobby late and was unable to try out the metal models.
So let us begin with my review on citadel finecast, and I will start with listing off what I view as the pros and cons of the medium.
Very light material, you don’t have to worry about chipping and pinning.
Easy to work with, the material is like butter to a hot knife to work with.
Details, they are just stunning, very crisp.
Flash is minimal, and what flash is there can be scraped off with a fingernail.
Much lower melting point, more prone to warping.
Higher price (if only due to Games Workshops yearly price increase)
Rampant miscasts (this issue is primarily with the first batches)
Material is soft (both a pro and a con, because you can accidentally take too much off)
Packaging is a nightmare to get into, cut myself a few times doing it.
Since my first resin model I have bought a number, but this review will primarily be about my first one which was a Tyranid Hive Guard. Since then I have also purchased another Hive Guard kit as well as a Tyranid Zoanthrope. They so far have all been beautiful models with just the most stunning details, crisp edges, and not a single detail is spared or overlooked. Every single one of them, even the ones I had that had some minor or major miscasts, were still wonderful.
My first one had a few minor bubbles in it at most, a few details were partially compromised by the bubbles. With a little green stuff to fill in the bubbles (though I have heard super glue works just as well) it was as good as a perfect cast. Once assembled I went on to priming, which worked like a charm, the primer went on very easily and the paint just stuck to the resin without any work at all.
Overall I believe that this is a good direction for the hobby, conversions with this new material is just so easy to do. The material doesn’t weigh NEAR as much as the metal they have used in the past, and is far less inclined to chip when dropped. I mean I cannot begin to tell you how many stories I have heard of a Tyranid Hive Tyrant, or Ork Nobs falling apart when knocked over, or paint chipping off. This is a problem I can thankfully say does not happen with the resin from finecast, its not heavy enough to fall apart, no pinning is required to strengthen the model, and there isn’t enough weight to the model to chip the paint should it fall over on the table.
So while I do have my gripes along with everyone else, the price for one, the miscasts, but while these things are annoying, I think the overall benefit is worth it. I have only seen comparative pictures, but from what I have seen the detail is better. The material is a dream to work with, even when there are miscasts they are usually so minor its easy to fix. Also, as an aside, should one ever have miscasts issues, Games Workshop has a stellar replacement policy, and there are no questions asked when you have to replace a borked up model. I know of no other companies that have that stellar of a returns policy, I had to replace my Zoanthrope when I noticed it was a miscast, and it was replaced with a new one literally right away with no questions asked, it was wonderful.
So I guess I can say, at least from my limited point of view, that I am happy that I came into the hobby when I did, so that I did not have to deal with the metal models. I am quite happy for this particular change in Games Workshop’s line of miniatures, because frankly I love the new finecast despite its flaws.

Secret Project REVEALED!


Finally the secret project I have been ambiguous about is revealed after months and months (personal issues of the artist) not to mention all the other bits of quiet I am going through right now.  The artist has been in a state of desperation about getting an American visa and moving, which has caused a lot of delays and hiatuses from her.  My own issues, employment being the number one, have been affecting my ability to work closely with her as well.  But anyway, enough excuses, let’s hear about this secret project that’s had me all tied up in knots.

Myself and Raylene, my good personal friend, have collaborated together to create something that I have wanted to do for a long time, a comic book.  That up there is the working draft (unfinished) of the cover for “Task Force: Valkyrie” a superhero comic about an all female team of heroes sent out to scout and recruit newfound powers into the superhero community.  I have, since I was a kid, been a comics nut.  I started on the teeth gritting ambiguously fingered Rob Liefield work of the nineties with all the various X books and have moved on from them into the awe inspiring Gail Simone books, the beauty in the face of ruin tales of Warren Ellis and the eldritch screams of Alan Moore as he summons the snake god onto the comic page.  They were my very first love (besides Henry James) and I still hold them close to my heart, as anyone who follows War Dolls can attest to.

“Task Force: Valkyrie” is the tale of four superheroic women of different backgrounds coming together to mutually dislike each other and be the absolute worst PR team in history.  The team leader, Snazzy Girl, pictured front, is a no nonsense pretentious alpha bitch who comes off as more passive aggressive than actually effective.  To the left is Bruiser, a smiling moron who gets by solely on the fact that she can punch a hole in a bank vault and walk through hails of gunfire without any apparent ill effects.  In the back is The Canopener, an angsty, anti-social teenager with severe self-image issues and a bad temper and finally, in the glasses, is Ultimate Girl, a tabloid super heroine who shows up on more red carpets than crime scenes.

I don’t want to give too much away at the moment since this comic is going to show up in full color on this very blog soon enough, but the first plotline involves the team trying to recruit a powerful alien being to the side of good while a menacing evil presence works from behind the scenes to make sure that the alien destroys the team instead.  Please look forward to it.  It’s far from completion, but I will update here with different sketches and page concepts as the comic moves forward until everything is set for a full public release.

‘Ard Boyz Semi Finals here I come.

So I decided to play in the ‘Ard Boyz Tournament, my first tournament ever. It was free entry, and local, so why not.

I made a few lists, and did not really test any of them, but decided on 2500 points of Eldar on foot.

Avatar, Eldrad Seer Council of like 7 Warlocks, 50 Guardians, 10 of them Stormies, 10 Wraithguard, 10 Harlequins, 10 Scorpions, 5 Swooping Hawks, 6 War Walkers, and a Wraithlord.

8 players attended, and we got matched up. My first opponent was playing some sort of Space Marines with a lot of flamers and melta. Go Avatar! I deployed first, and he had a cigarette while I was setting up my massive amount of infantry. When he got back, he looked at it all, and said he needed to go, family emergency, packed up and left.

Damnit, I was looking forward to kicking his ass. I was given a win though, minor victory points. If we had played, I could have gotten much better. Oh well

Next game vs a veteran Dark Eldar player that I always wanted to play, but our schedules conflicted. So 5 objectives, spearhead, I went first again, and on that round, a stray Missile from a Guardian squad makes its way through some trees, across the board, and wrecks one of his Raider gunships. in the course, I managed to destroy all 3 of them (secondary objective) but we tied on objectives. I made a mistake on my turn 4, not looking at the clock, and not moving to cover a second objective. Draw + some.

3rd game vs Tyranids, victory points, Kill the captain, and kill all the fast attack. Dawn of War. I don’t deploy anything. man was that guy slow, so after what felt like a very long game, I managed to kill his “captain” and a LOT of those little buggers he kept making. Didn’t get his fast attack, he didnt get mine either, and Eldrad was of course still alive and well. Calculating up all the points, I got another minor victory(100 points shy of Major), plus the extras for killing the captain.

End Result

Sisters of Battle placed 1st, I placed 2nd, Dark Eldar placed 3rd

As a reward, I got $40 of stuff, so I got 2 boxes of Daemonettes. They look badass.

Sept 17th, we head to Tualatin Oregon to play in the Semis.