Introduction to Gaming 101

diceheartMy partner recently (like moments ago) asked me to help her understand my gaming better. This could not have been a more perfect moment for me. The essence and my original intent of the War Dolls – girls celebrating the girl gamer (or those interested in it) coming together with the person who has my heart. I thought I would use this as an opportunity to see if I could effectively break down the basics of gaming, having been firmly ensconced in the hobby for the last 2 millennia. So here we go.

This one is for all of you new Dolls. (more…)

Eldar Codex: First impressions


Super Accurate Art!!

Well the new codex has been read through and even had a test run around the block. Farseer Elorrah was kind enough to let me write this blog entry for her. Never mind the twitch – I hear that goes away after Mind War wears off completely.

We might as well start with her. Elorrah’s signature power has always been Eldritch Storm. You can’t be much of a Bringer of the Storm without it, and now it seems it’s worth a damn. Warp charge 2 seems steep (especially with all the other WC2 powers) but with Haywire AND Fleshbane you can’t really go wrong. Mindwar is a double edged sword now rather than just cutting one direction. Still, another favorite. I’m not sure if it’s worth 2 warp charges. Fortune, always classic. Re-roll armour saves. Two warp charge? that seems steep. Doom and Guide are still with us as well and that’s good. (more…)

A nerd of a different flavor…

Good morning, lovely dolls 🙂

Yeah, I know, I’ve been out of the posting habit for a week or two – oops. But I’m here this week to make up for it! Interestingly, I came into this morning with absolutely no idea what I was going to blog about, but after sitting in a class I’m taking this morning, I’ve decided to write about language.

What? I’ve made it clear from earlier posts that I’m a bit of a language nerd 😛


Eldar, of course.


I actually have a couple other post ideas ready to go, but today just feels like a Xenos day. The fact that Games Workshop released ‘official’, non-blurry photos of the models probably helped alot.

I just have a few observations and/or speculations since the initial ‘wow that looks purdy!’ stage has passed. About the Eldar book of course. I’m constantly observing everything. All the time. And judging. Even you.  (more…)

Fun With Tyranids: Snake Madness

 So the last time I posted it was a little on the serious and dark side, which is something I tend to do when it is a subject that angers me, I get overly passionate. Sorry about that guys, I really much prefer humour and silliness, and that is what I am returning to today. Yes my dear friends, it is time for some more fun with tyranids, YAY.


Ok, so the title is kind of misleading, but what I am alluding to is the focus on the various snakey guys of the Monstrous Creatures of the Tyranid army. We will be examining the Trygon vs Trygon Prime vs Mawloc, the fun things you can do with all of them, and how strong they are comparatively. I will focus on the Trygon and the Prime first as they are very similar but for a few things, then we will move on to the silliness that is the Mawloc. So let us get into this poop already, cause we are up poop’s creek without a paddle, so time to get messy, lol. (more…)