Project Log – Crimson Hunter

My latest project has been taking me a bit of time and effort to get going, so I wanted to share an in progress report.


Valentine’s Teams Tournament

Our local gaming store put on a teams tournament for Valentine’s Day. Since my husband and I are not super into the sappy holiday, we decided to participate, although the large amount of added restrictions put us into a different mindset than we usually have. (more…)

Gleeful Gore and Gloom – DOOM

Now, I do not have the most experience in video games, but I have been doing my fair share of PC-gaming recently. I might be a little late to the party on this particular big name, but I want to share my thoughts on it because I thoroughly enjoy the new DOOM.


[tabletop] – Exercise in Game Theory

I’m trying to simmer down the basics of a RPG or Skirmish game combat to attack types and defense types. I’d love some feedback on what I’ve come up with, please.

I did consider cover as one of the defense types, but you can use most of these in addition to cover, so I didn’t list it here.


[video games] Surviving the Survival Hunt

2016-02-02_00001The Warboss/GorkyMorkyGurl and I have some rather different tastes in video games all the way down to platform. She was a long time console gamer and I was primarily PC. We did find common ground with Borderlands 2. I’ve played it before with my old roommates and she found it adorable. We’ve tried a few different games sinceand eventually wound up finding our way to Just Cause 2 Multiplayer Mod.┬áSince the JC games aren’t made for multiplayer it had to be modded, and if you’ve played it, then you know it’s woefully buggy. We played on a couple of different servers and that helped us identify what we liked most. (more…)