D&D Sky Pirates 11 – Cancelled

The Sky Pirates campaign did not meet this week as the mall closed early, but here’s a link to a fun RP resource.

“Roleplaying Tips” from ((RP)) Made Simple

This website also has an “RP Survival Guide,” which I have not read, but it might be helpful to some people.

Prince Yriel

One of the guys that works at the FLGS had an Autarch model he was looking to offload, so I offered to paint a model for him in exchange.


D&D Sky Pirates 10 – Dockhands

The Sky Pirates party continues its investigation and finally discovers evidence to back up their position.

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Skathach Wraithknight in Progress

I have made a little progress on my Skathach Wraithknight, so I figured I should share it since he seems to be sapping my motivation.


Quick Review: 7 Days to Die (Alpha 16)

The 16th Alpha update for 7 Days to Die is out now and though I’ve only played this game for a little while, I have to say it’s a huge improvement so far and one that I was looking forward to greatly!

They’ve updated their far away Points of Interest models so that they show up outside of a certain point. Previously you would have to get fairly close to a building/PoI in order to see what was there. As seen in the photo here, there’s clearly a campsite on the hillside.