Lost Seals of Dracholt 11 – Trumpeter

The Dracholt party finds the person that brought the mysterious floating wood to the city.


40k Tournament of Random

Having finished painting her Skathach Wraithknight – whose pictures will be uploaded once his basing is finished – Red decided to build an army list around him to take to the store’s next tournament.


[40k] Tactics – List Building

I came across this article and found it useful. I’m not a very competitive player myself, nor am I really excellent at list building so there are some great tips in here that I know I need to apply. Since the writer Andrew, has multiple GT wins under his belt and I have a trophy for ‘Best Sportsman’ I figured he’d be a good source for information on how to make a list competitive. Enjoy! (more…)

Lost Seals of Dracholt 10 – Down the River Kabyss

The Dracholt party continues their investigation into the note left on Alpharius’ flyer.


40k Battle Report – Ynnari v Chaos Space Marines

Red’s Ynnari faced off against some Chaos Space Marines.