Fun with Tyranids: Sarge is Acting Weird

Everyone, it is thursday, and you all know what that means.

No, not that you perverted little buggers, its time to talk about bugs silly.

Fun with Tyranids:  Sarge is Acting Weird

Today we will be talking about the often ignored HQ choice the Tyranids have, known as The Parasite of Mortrex.  He is a little flying bugger that has some really really cool abilities as long as you can get him across the field.  Regardless of how hard he is to keep alive he has some really lulz worthy abilities that can really make playing him as your HQ as tons of fun.

First of all, he has wings so that makes him a jump infantry, giving him an awesome 12″ movement which gives him some great mobility.  He also is obviously a Synapse creature and because of his rending claws has the rending special rule.  Also with the Implant Attack special rule, any wound rolls of 6 automatically cause instant death regardless of toughness, which of course means they rend as well meaning they are AP2 which is just awesome.  Sure it doesn’t get past those pesky invulnerable saves, but still it is definitely something, can really mess with your opponents. (more…)

Tannhauser: Tala Aponi

Tannhauser Tala Aponi

Corporal Tala Aponi took a deep breath, then wrenched the shrapnel out of her arm, clenching her teeth to keep from crying out.  She was tucked into a dark corner of a hallway, back behind a pile of crates covered with Obscura Korps symbols and full of foul smells.  She didn’t want to know what was inside of them.  All around her, in the darkness of the catacombs, she could hear the sounds of battle.  The sharp, staccato crack of the almost alien “Flash Guns” of Tala’s squad let her know that they were still in the fight, somewhere.

She kicked her empty medkit to the side as she finished bandaging up her arm and stood up, clutching her service revolver tightly with her good hand.  This mission was hell, but they all were for the 24th Marine Special Forces.  She’d been everywhere from the jungle muck of the South Pacific to the frozen wastes of Novgorod, but this was by far the single worst place she’d ever been. (more…)

It’s in my potentia coil.

I totally forgot to blog here yesterday, but thanks to the magic of WordPress I can totally just set the date of this post to yesterday and none of you will ever know, mua-ha-ha-ha!

Well, except that I just told you, but whatevs.

So anyway, let’s lay out the litany of excuses that have kept me from posting on time:

It’s All in the Paint

One of my favorite parts of Warhammer is painting the minis. I’ve seen some really well painted armies as well as some really creative armies. I’ve also seen some badly painted armies and armies that just plain haven’t been painted. I’m back on my psychology kick this week – let’s see if you guys agree with me.

A frequent visitor of Gigabites, Kane, has by far the most creative army I’ve seen so far. He added pieces to the vehicles as well as bent the pieces that already existed to make the vehicles appear possessed by demons. It is WAY cool. He also switched out other pieces throughout his army to create a completely unique and innovative look. To me, this shows a person who regularly thinks outside the box and is very passionate about his hobbies and life in general. He had the courage to make the army his own and put it on the battle table for everyone to see. I think this speaks volumes about his character.


Adeptus Mechanicus are from Mars … I’m not.

I’m beginning a Rogue Trader game shortly, and not having run (or even played) in this game is a bit daunting to me. I have made characters, read through the rulebook a couple of times and had CommissarCarrie educate me in the finer points.

Building ships is a bit of a challenging task as well. I can imagine anything that has to be designed to resist the vacuum of space and the terror of the immaterium would need to be  nothing short of “tough as nails”.  (more…)