40k and Heels… holla!

I noticed a few of the War Dolls posting their gaming history… so I figured I would add mine to the mix.

I’m not the typical gamer, which is usually clear from the fact that I will always wear heels to a 40k game. While I have always been a video gamer, I never really ventured into tabletop games further than Scrabble and Monopoly. I absolutely am the girlfriend that started playing tabletop games to be involved in my boyfriend’s hobbies – but my intentions of just being a good girlfriend developed into a genuine love for the games. Go figure. (more…)

Fun With Tyranids: Teleporting Tervigons

I would like to preface this with any psyker MC can do this, but my first use of this was when I was playing with Tervigons.  Just imagine, those big mother f****ers teleporting around and spawning little dudes.  It is quite a sight to behold, and while I didn’t win that tournament, everyone who played against me got a laugh out of my MC’s teleporting all over the place.

So here we go


So, there is a certain Telekinesis power called Gate of Infinity, and the wording on the power is as follows.

“Gate of Inifinity is a blessing that targets the psyker and his unit.  Place a counter in base contact with a model in the target unit.  Remove the target unit from the board.  It then (more…)

Tired of being a Healer Girlfriend?

endangered_healer_girlfriendA lot of girls become involved in gaming as the gamer’s girlfriend. I cannot tell you how many “girlfriend healer”s I met while I was LARPing. Show of hands – how many of you girls were inducted as a girlfriend?

I came into it gradually, DnD with a cousin at an early age, then later in high school, comics, then painting figures, then being invited to the gaming club and I found miniature gaming that way. However the DnD thing, I did get invited by a guy in my science class totally out of the blue. (more…)

War doll potpourri!

1. I am currently wearing a pirate costume.

2. My Iron kingdoms rp group runs tonight, and thanks to time constraints I’ll have to wear my costume to Giga-bytes.

3. First post on the new WordPress site!


Flavor of the Month

I think every gamer nerd, regardless of gender, is familiar with the cycles of games. What was killer cheeseball one edition gets hit with the nerfbat in the next, all in the name of “balance” (and really, in the name of profit, because nothing ever actually balances except the gamemakers’ checkbooks when you spend more money to buy whatever’ll keep you winning.) We’ve talked a little on this blog before about making themey lists instead of cheesy lists, making characters instead of powergaming, that sort of thing… the idea that some armies/classes/specs/colors/whatever are more powerful than others is pretty standard, right?

I got into 40k about…oh… early 2004? Something like that. And I didn’t really build my own army until the Witch Hunters codex came out in that summer, and I became a decent player during that fall after the 4th edition rulebook came out. I was a newbie to the geek world at the time, and although I understood that some armies were cheesier than others (or beardier…do people still say beardy? We used to say beardy.) I didn’t understand that this could change at the drop of a hat. A combination of MtG, WoW, 40k, and D&D taught me this.