So my airbrush is here and as soon as I get the converter so I can plug my compressor in I am going to be painting me some models, this is going to be awesome.

My Brother

So my brother got a whole bunch of miniatures with the christmas money my parents gave him, and get them all assembled to his great joy.  He picked eldar as his army, and is painting them in a My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic theme, basing specific model types after the characters in the show.  Its an awesome unique idea, and I cannot wait to see how people react to seeing this.  That is not why I am writing though.

We played a small game on our kitchen floor, using cans and egg cartons, as well as my primer cans, as terrain as we do not have terrain and a board just yet (That is to come hopefully soon).  The game was very interesting as I taught him the basics of the game, though it started out with my Hive Fleet (now named Hive Fleet Chrysallis at my brother’s suggestion) destroying his Craftworld Equestria.  There was an odd turn of events though, as his guardians on his right flank turned the combat around, taking out the threats on that side as my Hive Fleet on the other flank was doing significant damage to him.  Once his right flank was free though he swooped around and the game ended with him tabling me.  He did very well, the game played out very interestingly, and needless to say I have my brother hooked on the game.

The best part of this all, it means I have someone in my apartment to play with even when I cannot go to the game shops to do tourneys.  This rocks.

New Workspace

So I have finally gotten around to getting my painting workspace halfway decent to work with and paint in.  My main issue in this apartment is lighting as the living room does not have its own light like I would like it to.  So as you will see in the pictures below, I decided to buy some shop lights with some daylight bulbs for them to blast down up on my area.  These are clamped to a towel rack which is on my wall, and it creates wonderful lighting for my painting area, I can finally see well enough to get some work done.  The only things I need now are a magnifying boom light, and some kind of wall mounted tool holding thingamajig.

Happy Turkey Homocide Day

Just thought I would give everyone a Happy Thanksgiving to all my gamer friends here on War Dolls.